MAGNESIUM Deficiency


Why is it important to use "Zechstein Inside®" Transdermal Magnesium ?

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    ♥ European "Certificate of Origin" (Netherlands). Guaranteed traceability. A truly controlled certificate of origin is an essential document but nothing is comparable to the fact that you can contact the source directly to check the quality and the origin.

    ♥ Unique source the world over. Our products do not come from the open and polluted seas. They are not exposed to the plethora of chemicals, radioactivity or pollution of our modern oceans. Even thalassotherapies, natural thermal baths and spa waters are tainted to some degree unfortunately. Originating from an ancient sea, this geological stratum of pure magnesium chloride in the form of pure bischofite layers, which are rare at this level of purity, yet found in abundance underneath the Netherlands, date back 250 million years, without any contamination from the outside.

    Be attentive : The marketing "100% natural" does not guarantee anything. 80% of the world's magnesium comes from Asia, mostly from the Qaidam industrial basin in China, which is located on the "Qinghai-Tibet" plateau, where asbestos and gas are also extracted. Also be wary of generic products, even those from local coastlines or open seas because in order to make magnesium oil with sea or inland salt water brine, one will need to concentrate the mineral salts which concentrates the pollution and heavy metals into the brine. Dead Sea and Salt Lake minerals have high levels of bromine and mercury, respectively. Making it necessary to go through thermal or chemical processes in order to “clean”, “upgrade” or separate the magnesium from contaminants. These products undergo consequent transformations. Losing their RAW, unadulterated qualities. For us, purity is the key to detoxification.These generic products are often cheaper. But knowing it costs only 20-60 euros per year to do a full course of treatment with our products, its wise to find the best quality you can for such an important and prevalent mineral deficiency.

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    ♥ Ecological extraction by solution using only natural local spring water to dissolve the pure magnesium chloride salt layers. No need to separate the magnesium from other components, as is the case for all other sources, because the stratum is pure magnesium chloride. Local spring water is also analyzed to ensure its purity. Certified by Zechstein Inside® (Netherlands). Total transparency. Just call the source in the Netherlands. No transformation or refining. We let nature filter, clean and purify the crystals of magnesium for us over 250 million years.

    Be attentive : Always be vigilant as to the mode of extraction of magnesium. Words such as "unrefined" or "pure" can be empty phrases. The truth is that chemical purification and “upgrading” (for the separation of potassium and heavy metals) are the established practice in the industry. The word "Zechstein" cannot be legally protected and is often used to eclipse the true origin of the product, which is not the case for the Transdermal Magnesium certified "Zechstein Inside®". Without the "Zechstein Inside®" logo, chemical purification is the norm. Our extraction is unique in the world. Words such as “Genuine” or “Authentic“ Zechstein without the “Zechstein Inside” logo may be using the word Zechstein abusively. Ask if you can call their actual source (extraction site). Some areas of the Zechstein Sea have been used for potassium mining, and they have industrial magnesium as a byproduct. We do not recommend these products as they have been chemically purified or “upgraded” to remove heavy metals and other minerals and do not come from pure natural state magnesium layers.

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    ♥ Source protected 1 mile underground. The sea has crystallised into a soft stone, an abundant geological stratum, an ancient sea of ​​250,000 years, the Zechstein Sea. A unique story. “White Gold” underneath the feet of Europe.

    ♥ Far removed from all atmospheric pollution. Zechstein is known for its molecular purity by comparison, line by line, with other forms of magnesium on the market. And it is the only one to be studied scientifically for the elimination of heavy metals in the human body (EJNR, Joslin / Watkins).

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    ♥ Always sold in noble blue glass, without phthalates or endocrine disrupters found in soft plastics. Our pumps are guaranteed without bisphenols. The only way to avoid the contamination of phthalates is to buy glass bottles.

  • SUSTAINABILITY - For more information click here

    ♥ Surface area of ​​1 million km2. More than 1000 years of pure magnesium for the World.

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