Are you deficient in magnesium?

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If you take care of yourself and your diet, we are almost sure that you have already asked yourself the question: “Am I deficient in magnesium?”

Before going into more detail in the subject of magnesium deficiency, a little personal questioning is needed. “Is a daily diet, although varied, enough to cover the magnesium intake necessary for the proper functioning of my body?” “Are some of my physical ailments actually related to magnesium deficiency?”

Our ancestors, who had a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, yet supplemented their magnesium intake by using the absorption functions of their skin through various processes: spa treatments, Roman spas, sea baths, thalassotherapy but also other practices vary according to the various regional mineral peculiarities. The science is just beginning to look again at this ancestral know-how, which contributed to robust health. Today, these practices, which are all too often neglected, are linked to an increase in magnesium deficiency in our modern populations.

This article aims to help you better understand the causes of magnesium deficiency and to inform you about a millennial natural alternative, not aggressive for the organism, and that can overcome this evil considered recently as the “deficiency of the century “: the application of magnesium transcutaneously. This practice, in connection with our traditions, allows to absorb this mineral without tiring the kidneys and is a solution to many physical ailments that the current sedentary populations suffer. Knowledge is power !

Are you deficient in magnesium?

In order to make a small assessment of your own magnesium deficiency, we present you with a list of questions. Each affirmative response may be indicative of magnesium deficiency, which affects an average of 75-90% (depending on age) of the world’s population.

• Do you suffer from unexplained tiredness during the day?

• Do you often feel stressed and anxious for no reason?

• Do you have depressive tendencies or do you regularly feel depressed, even slight?

• Have you noticed difficulties in concentration and anchoring?

• Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up often at night?

• Do you regularly experience cramps without any physical effort?

• Do you have intestinal transit problems? Are your intestines “lazy”?

• Do you have regular eyelids that “jump”?

• Do you heal hard?

• Do you ever feel palpitations and have your throat knotted?

• Are your hair fragile and brittle?

• Do you suffer from metabolic problems?

• Do you daily eat a diet rich in starchy foods and sugars (pasta, bread, rice, sweets, sodas, etc.)?

• Is it difficult to avoid stimulants such as coffee (caffeine), tea (theine), chocolate (theobromine) or other drinks or soft drinks?

• Do you take the pill?

• Do you suffer from muscle or joint pain related to regular or intensive sports practice?

• Are you over 30 (magnesium deficiency increasing from this age)?

• Do you follow a treatment for tension?

• Do you have diabetes, spasmophilia, or do you suffer from “pump-outs” related to hypoglycemic disorders?

If your answers are mostly positive, you are likely to be deficient in magnesium.

You are deficient in magnesium but you do not know it!

The standards of blood tests in France unfortunately do not allow in most cases to detect so widespread deficiency in our modern and sedentary societies! Below is a short video of Dr. Sircus which will allow you to know more about the subject:

But then, how to cure magnesium deficiency without potentially damaging its kidneys with tablets or other magnesium chloride solutions administered orally?

An annual Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium Cure can help you recharge your dermal magnesium levels so you can enjoy the benefits of magnesium optimally. One application a day is enough! The use of Transcutaneous Magnesium is simple and easy! We guarantee that your body will thank you for this simple and daily gesture! The beneficial effects on your health may be felt after only a few days.

How to get Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium?

If you want to order a Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium Cure and thus remedy your magnesium deficiency in a simple and natural way, click on the image below:

Transcutaneous Magnesium Cure Annual (2 × 200 ml) Glass Noble

We hope that this article will have helped you better understand that magnesium deficiency is due to a double deficiency: dietary and cutaneous and that a simple varied diet without a transcutaneous supplement will not be enough to overcome this deficiency in a sustainable way ! Transcutaneous Magnesium Zechstein can become a better health ally!

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