How to use Transcutaneous Magnesium?

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Wondering how to use Transcutaneous Magnesimetric? We present in this post in detail the different types of use of Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium. You will see, its uses are very wide! A bottle of Transcutaneous Magnesium will be able to overcome a lot of your body pains!

Several options for applying Transcutaneous Magnesium are available to you according to your needs:

Every morning:  Apply 10-20 transcutaneous magnesium sprays on wet calves. Allow to penetrate 10 minutes before dressing.

Or every night:  massage 10-20 transcutaneous magnesium sprays on the abdomen on damp skin.

Some other ideas of uses of Transcutaneous Magnesium besides the recommendations written on the bottles:

In mouthwash:  pure or diluted, keep in mouth 4-20 minutes to heal the gums and maintain dental hygiene.

To treat sore throat and chest:  gargle for 5 minutes at the time of your shower and massage a few sprays on the throat and chest.

After the sport:  apply locally on the muscular area and massage well until absorption.

If cold sores appear (beginning only):  apply a soaked cotton pad for one hour to the area.

In case of acne or healing of a wound:  apply a cotton soaked on the area to be treated. Avoid direct contact on acne pimples, apply only to surroundings.

To calm headaches:  Apply one or two sprays to the temples.

To improve dermatoses:  apply some puffs mixed with shea butter locally.

In hair care:  massage a dozen sprays on the scalp.

In eye care:  dilute well in clean water and a small amount before pouring into the eyes.

For earaches:  dilute well in clean clear water a small amount before pouring into each ear then rinse.

NB: During the first applications, a tingling sensation on the skin may appear, a sign of magnesium deficiency. This feeling will fade as and when applications. The lack of tingling sensation is not necessarily a sign that there is no deficiency.

There is also a .pfd manual that summarizes all the above uses and also answers the most commonly asked questions about Transcutaneous Magnesium.

To download the user manual, click on the button below:

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How to get Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium?

Because magnesium deficiency affects 9 out of 10 women and 8 out of 10 men, Transcutaneous Zechstein Magnesium is a must-have product. we recommend an annual cure of 4 months minimum if you wish to recharge once a year. If you want to order the annual 4-month Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium Treatment consisting of 2 bottles of our glass sprays, click on the photo below:

Transcutaneous Magnesium Cure Annual (2 × 200 ml) Glass Noble

You can also keep a small bottle of 100ml Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium in your bathroom to treat your small acne problems, or else do a hair treatment or in your gym bag to relieve your sore muscles after a big sporting activity. ! This small format will accompany you everywhere and become your best health ally! To order the 100 ml bottle of Transcutaneous Magnesium, click on the image below:

Transcutaneous Magnesium Vaporizer 100ml Noble Glass

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