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Be careful, this booklet contains information relevant to your health!

This is our blog! You can find many articles relevant to your health! We sincerely hope that this information will help you to become aware of the values ​​of our transcutaneous magnesium and its importance for this deficiency known as the “deficiency of the century”.

Hello everyone!

As a result of a strong demand, we are pleased to share with you the release of our booklet “Transcutaneous Magnesium – Skin Treatment of Magnesium Deficiency”

The purpose of this booklet is to make your reader aware of the importance of treating magnesium deficiency. This deficiency today affects most of the modern and sedentary populations. It is proposed a gentle and safe method for the body, practiced by our ancestors (through baths, thalassotherapy, etc.) and too often forgotten to date: the treatment of magnesium transcutaneously.

This booklet is for download on the first page of our site. You can click on the following image to download the .pdf version:

Livret Magnésium Transcutané - Le traitement cutané de la carence en magnésium

The paper version of this booklet is available for any order of a pack of Transcutaneous Magnesium.

To take advantage of this offer, click on one of the following images:

Transcutaneous Magnesium Cure Annual (2 × 200 ml) Glass Noble

You can also benefit from the paper size of the booklet by ordering the Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium 2 months cure, click on the image below:

Transcutaneous Magnesium Cure 3 Months (200 + 100ml)