The truth about magnesium extraction!

Here is a small explanatory diagram on the different processes of extraction of magnesium chloride.

Here you will find the 3 main methods.
It can be seen that method No. 1, used to obtain Zechstein Transcutaneous Magnesium in the Netherlands, does not require any transformation and therefore no heavy and costly transformation process compared to methods No. 2 and No. 3 used mainly in the extraction of magnesium chloride.

Our extraction is ecological because by solution using only spring water to dissolve magnesium. Certified by Zechstein Inside® (Netherlands). Total transparency. Just call the source in the Netherlands.

No need to separate the magnesium from other components because the stratum is pure. The scientific name of pure magnesium chloride in the natural state, ie, as a stratum is bischofite. The higher the quality of bischofite (its concentration of pure magnesium chloride) plus the purity of the magnesium oil is important. Magnesium chloride is not difficult to recreate by chemical processes, but in Holland it is found in pure form, where lies the sea Zechstein. The word “Zechstein” can be used without real control as this word can not be protected by law, but the “Zechstein Inside®” logo is a safe bet for its origin. A unique stone resulting from a natural purification within the earth. This natural purification takes 250 million years.

No transformation, from nature as such after natural decantation of iron.

The truth about magnesium extraction:


Explanatory diagram of the various magnesium extraction processes that can be found on the market. The fewer transformations, the more pure the source!