True Source Zechstein

250 Million year old crystallized sea protected at a depth of nearly 2Km underground. The quality is superior to ocean and spa based minerals compromised by modern pollution. For detoxification and better results, purity is the key factor.

Why our product is unique

No Transformation

100% Natural. Rare purity yet abundant source. The only natural state "raw" Transdermal Magnésium that has never been refined or chemically "purified" which is the unfortunate industry standard. Anyone may contact our source in the Netherlands to verify the quality and origin. Total transparency.

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Noble Glass Bottles

We use noble blue protective glass to avoid contamination of endocrine disrupters which leak from soft plastics. We do not recommend using transdermal magnesium in plastique bottles. Adverse effects on the hormonal system are to be avoided while doing magnesium topical treatments.

See a study on this topic


For the whole family. The “Zechstein Inside®” is the first choice recommended to doctors by the European Magnesium Health Institute. Well known for performance and fatigue for athletes, also for cramps, pains, skin care, cellulite, dental care and more.

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Zechstein Cartoon

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